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there goes my man

motherfuckers! they go make a film about a god and pepper it with shit. fortunately, there is already a perfectly servicable film about him.

a god with his buffoon

caveat emptor.

damn! i’m in a tight spot!

there is no excuse for that title, it is utterly irrelevant. except perhaps that it conveys my excitement at hearing a new herman düne song! they went to a real studio and all and i know why he keeps referring to his backing singers as angels. the lilting cadences of joy! the simple harmonies of hope! don’t read this, listen to “I Wish That I Could See You Soon”

deciding whether to die for what you no longer believe.

Just when i thought i had resisted the temptation to give in to bitter gloating at the tragic (i would say tragi-comic if it did not mean the same thing, or if it were a word) injury of top gear presenter richard hammond. Curses that Clarkson was spared aside, I felt the story couldn’t get any better and any comment was bound to betray a certain bitterness. And now it turns out his mishap has raised £130,000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. So I will still to decline to comment, and simply request: less reviews of suburban 4×4s, more fund-raising, irritant-imperilling, rating-raising speed stunts please. Oh go on.

in absentia

i am writing less, as more happens, perversely. so i thought i’d take the time to recount two headlines which brought me great joy today, further investigation into which is both unneccesary and probably disappointing:

Man arresting for pissing on Tom Cruise’s lawn
the sugarcubes reform

i believe that’s what people on telly call ‘your moment of zen’.

i love my car

and it’s gone. to be assessed, pored over, oh-so-closely examined by the insurance men to determine whether his life is worth saving.


temporary relief

from a holiday break. that is, a break from blogging, it’s commitments, and supposed rewards. yadda yadda yadda. point is, couldn’t help noticing that the daily mail, lying about in the staff room like a blunt instrument covered in fingerprints was giving away, to it’s loyal readers, a free CD designed to ‘IMPROVE YOUR BRAIN POWER’. i can only assume the current editor is planning to leave, as the detrimental effects this could have on circulation are potentially devastating.