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It is a confusing time to visit the cinema. Conflicting messages are all over the place. Mitchell and Webb parade their adopted personas in the name of computers. They are famous for a fascinating show whose sole delight is the exquisite awfulness of the situations that these morons walk in to. You watch, sympathise with the impulses of the characters, and squeal as they make the worst possible decision. Why would anyone want to watch the characters in the sterile, painless, plastic world of an advert? Perhaps the decision-making abilities of the actors are as bad as their characters’. Next up, swashbuckling. Pirates (of the Carribean III) thrill you with their antics on the high seas. The last film was putrefyingly bad, sure, but this one has crabs! And the voodoo lady is back! Anyway, I’m feeling like I’ll go see it until the next ad throws me off-course.

Love film?

Ok, but does that include Johnny Depp? Good grief!

I enjoyed every minute of the film.