No surrender, no delete!

People suck. No, not everyone, and I don’t think Bill meant it like that when he said it either. But it sucks when you hear about a new addition to the suckers. Do I get points for using only one descriptive term? Anyway, I read this post a while back, but last night I FINALLY got to hear the record in question, and am coming down of the fence, calling it superb, and shouting a big FUCK YOU to charles holgate. FUCK YOU CHARLES HOLGATE. Or MC Nomad, if that’s your real name.

Read the article, but the gist is that Mr Nomad was hired to do PR for DJ Rupture’s latest mix, Uproot, and took two grand and two hundred records, and then, well, whatever he did with them he certainly didn’t document any work further than sitting on his fat arse. When Rupture or his label, Agriculture, called the guy up, he stammered, held for time, and stammered some more. Beccy Lindon, journo for the Guardian, claims she recieved the album, didn’t think much of it, and didn’t review it. That is the only evidence of Gnomeface doing any work, and he didn’t bother to record even that. Now the last I heard, the Gruaniad were still bothering to review albums by Coldplay and U2, and it pisses me off that forward thinking artists get left by the wayside. I’m not talking about me, I’m not talking about 3-week doomladen sludge fests by SUNN O)), which I love, I’m talking about brilliant, sweeping, genre-hopping albums with huge beats. I’m going to take a perverse enjoyment in sifting through the Observer Music Monthly features on Lilly Allen’s legs next year. Look out for the double page spread on “Global Beats of the Noughties” with Rupture in the centre. Unless the Killers piss out a double album and they write about the puddle instead. The point is, if you’re PRing an album that no-one likes, you have the easiest job in the world. One spreadsheet full of “No’s” and your work is done. You don’t do that, you’re just a theiving motherfuck.

Incidentally, the PR guru sucks just as hard at MCing as he does at real work. He rhyms “hymen” with “high, man”. Go figure.

Keep up the good work, rupture. Oh, and FUCK YOU CHARLES HOLGATE.

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