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i got all cold

So in just week 2 of the ambitious project to scientifically extract the sound of summer from decidedly (though not deliberately) lo-fi recordings of me playing music in a tree, the weather made sides. It cosied up to me all morning and lured me outside with brilliant blue skies and no indication that it was the kind of day where sitting in a tree for an hour is going to irritate your leg muscles so severely that they will refuse to return to their normal selves until they recieve a large bowl of hot soup. Do not misunderestimate me, i had a swell time in the tree. It is just that when I tried to move my legs, it was apparent they were very cold, and when i listened to the recordings of the five ukelele-based masterpieces of indie-folk I’d been thundering through, it turned out that I’d laid the mic face down to the tree and all that could really be heard was me twanging away on a ukelele that the optimistic in me would say was charmingly distorted. But this version of Herman D√ľne’s “The Static Comes From My Broken Damn Heart” is, at least, vaguely audible. The good news is that last week’s version of Emily Scott which seemed to have disappeared into the ether surfaced today..

emily scott in a tree

Remembering: Esio Trot and Little Things play Brixton on monday! They have a collage!

esio trot in full collage!

a new thing: hangin’ in a tree

ok, so it’s not entirely a new thing. I was actually doing it last week! Saw a squirrel. True story. But the new thing is to climb a tree, in a secret location possibly in Greenwich park, every week and record a song. Or a few. Awesomely, our first session attracted an audience of 3 french toddlers and their captors. There was, at extreme points, boogying. This version of ‘Dirtiest Birthday Present’ by Esio trot was the best we got before the recording studio fell 30ft to the ground.

dirtiest birthday present in a tree

apologies for the file format, my phone disagrees with me on the bitrate/accessability debate

french child enthralled
This audience member lost his balance soon after this photograph was taken and took down his sisters like a hardcore domino enthusiast. props. The theory is that as spring marches on, whilst perhaps getting very wet and disheartened, a subtle change in ambient noise will occur at the top of our chosen tree (whose indentity must remain a barely guarded secret) and, by overlaying the audio tracks and subtracting them to create a negative image, we will capture the very SOUND OF SUMMER. I cannot believe it has been done before.